Back to Basic Movement of Croatian’s Meal

As an Asian food enthusiasts little do I know about the table food of the Mediterranean region, specifically Croatia. Even I, myself as a mariner had experienced sailing with relatively few Croatians. Have a vague idea that they were creating movements to bring back their basic, more nutritious, more gastronomical kind of food served in their everyday table. Their movement dubbed as “Slow Food”. Basically focuses on bringing back awareness about dining with food locally and ethically produced in their specific region. And as I may say is a very good and noble doings. They will not only help their local farmers and fisherman but also ensures that their everyday food were prepared and cooked in a very clean manner.

We all know today that we are being invaded by fast food, commercially-produced items coming from profit-oriented company. That are most often times sacrificing the ethics and welfare of their consumers for a sum of financial gains.

As I surf the net, I stumbled upon this article which we could definitely apply to each and every country where we are living…

Check out the site.

Native cooking is still the best!
Native cooking is still the best!


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