Worlds of Food

Food is wide, limitless & even timeless…. One can discuss food found in bible in the ancient time. Others can talk about food in these modern age of computers and internet. It can also be found in every culture, country, and even in the remotest part of the most secluded places in the world. Everybody has something to say about their food.

In some places food are scarce depending upon the climate and in some other places food are abundantly available all year long. For others, food is their way of life. People tend to be so proud about their food culture and tradition that they refuse to try other kinds of food except their cooking. In some people food is an adventure needed to be experienced in a regular basis because it gives them the thrill of ecstasy and freedom. There are others, that consider their food as a craft – an art that needs different angle to appreciate its diverse forms.

Truly we can spend a day, weeks, months, years and even a lifetime talking about our food experiences in our home, neighborhood or in places we have been…

But rarely we see, the real food indulge in each every specific country & culture with its traditional table that each specific person or family eats in their everyday life…

Join me in my adventure in discovering different worlds of food in different parts of the globe…

some of the foods we enjoy during an event onboard one of my ships
some of the foods we enjoy during an event onboard one of my ships

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